• We focus on something different that not only offers a conservation service and rehabilitation of wildlife but to work in coordination with communities originating in the area because they are carriers of ancient wisdom that remain unpolluted by the technology, consumerism, and materialism of Western society.


  • Contribute to reducing the vulnerability of children and adolescents in Jardim Canada.


  • We want to approach, spread and maintain the Aymara culture. The project seeks the valuation and rescue of the ancient wetland management and conservation practices, as well as the transfer of ancestral knowledge of the northern highland communities of Chile to the new generations.


  • We believe in the transformation of the world by the people that are "in the action".


  • Promote and facilitate the human development through a continuous progression of caring and forming actions.


  • Giving children and adolescents living in underprivileged conditions in Rio de Janeiro the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and foster their development for a promising future, a future that we at EduMais try to make brighter!


  • We are a  non-profit organization working to help children, adolescents, and their families to escape the poverty and suffering of the streets, to improve their living conditions and to give them education and skills to allow them to aim for a better future.


  • Amazon Pueblo brings together volunteers, government, and businesses to help develop employment within indigenous communities. Together we help villagers to earn the money they need to help themselves.