"How to Plan a Volunteering Vacation"

Article by Shivani Vora  from NY Times - Jan 16,  2017


"A volunteering vacation can be a meaningful way to spend your time off, said Courtney Regan, the founder of the San Francisco travel company Courtney Regan Travel and an expert on what is known as voluntourism. But she added that there are several factors to consider to make the trip fulfilling and ensure that your efforts are productive both for you and the cause you’re supporting.

Ms. Regan shares her advice on planning the ideal giveback getaway:

SUPPORT A PERSONAL CAUSE There are hundreds of causes to volunteer for, and finding one close to your heart will lead to a more worthwhile trip. “You’re going to be working hard and likely staying in bare-bones accommodations, so you need passion to stick with your commitment,” Ms. Regan said. Possibilities include wildlife conservation, education, environmental sustainability, health and nutrition, and economic development. Also, consider any personal and professional skills that you can contribute; if you’re a doctor, for example, working at a health clinic for the underprivileged in South Africa could be an ideal fit..."


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