"It's never too late to switch career"

Article by Joanna Whitehead from Independent - Mar 31,  2018


" I’ve always been a late developer, so it’s no great surprise that I find myself undertaking work experience as a journalist at the grand old age of 37.

After many years working in the criminal justice and voluntary sectors, I realised that what I’d always wanted to do – write – was becoming a distant pipe dream. Being a firm believer that ridicule is nothing to be scared of, I therefore, put on my big-girl boots and jumped into the newsroom at The Independent. Prior to this I’d cut my teeth at contemporary feminist publication The F-Word, becoming its editor in July 2017. This was all in addition to holding down a full-time job – proof of my passion for the work.

I’m far from alone, as more women in their mid to late thirties change careers or reconsider how, when and where they choose to work. The job for life that baby boomers enjoyed is all but obsolete and we’re retiring later, with a state pension that would see me destitute before I even get close to old age..."

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