"Volunteering now is vital for students in the long-run"

Article by Anne Snyder from News 1130 - Apr 14,  2018


" Volunteering and maintaining an active role in the community is an important way for students to form relationships with local organizations, build their resumes and gain valuable leadership experience. However, many students do not take advantage of long-term or innovative volunteer opportunities outside of group organizations, such as clubs or Greek life.

While this may be an excellent way for students to get involved, making a long-term volunteering commitment to an organization of their interest provides individuals with even greater benefits. In my own experience, heavy volunteering has been the driving factor behind my biggest internships and helped me earn scholarships to attend ASU. Many of the jobs I've had have stemmed directly from networking experience from my first volunteer position.

"When you're trying to get your first job, anything helps. These volunteering opportunities are what you should put in lieu of work experience," said Robert Christianson, a freshman aerospace engineering major and member of the EPICS Gold program in affiliation with the NASA Psyche Mission. "Networking is conceptually simple, but difficult to go out and do. Volunteering gives you an authentic means to meet people and impress them with what you're made of." ..."

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