"Yorkshire Town's food growing scheme takes root worldwide"

Article by Naomi Larsson from The Guardian - May 09,  2018


" A deep mist hangs over Todmorden on a chilly spring morning. Only the birdsong and a few daffodils give the sign of spring.

This doesn’t seem to bother a group of 20 volunteers from the Yorkshire town who have gathered together armed with spades, trowels and litter pickers. Instructions of which patch to attack are distributed, while children as young as three are given high-vis jackets with the name Incredible Edible printed on the back. These are Todmorden’s radical gardeners, a group of food freedom fighters who’ve been planting in this town for a decade.

It’s a simple idea: take over unused or unattractive bits of public land to plant food to feed the community. What is not so simple is where they’re doing it. Todmorden is an old mill town in Yorkshire’s Calderdale valley. It rains a lot, there’s not a lot of sun, and it has experienced major flooding in recent years. But still, the town’s residents continue to grow fruit and vegetables as best they can for locals to pick and eat..."

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