"The Business of Volunteering is a Business for Millennials"

Article by Sagi Shahar from Entrepreneur - May 10,  2018


" They want to change the world, but they're afraid they may not be able to earn a living. They believe in entrepreneurship but are concerned about the economy. They believe that technology has made it easier to get a job and that it creates opportunities for everyone, but they also believe it has widened the gap between rich and poor. And that's something many of them want to do something about.

I'm talking, of course, about millennials. A study by Telefonica, one of the most comprehensive to date, shows a generation in flux, one determined to bring about change, but also concerned about where it will be when it grows up. Do good and do well. Bringing about change is important for many of them; the study shows that 62 percent of millennials believe that they can make a difference in their local communities, while 40 percent believe their efforts can change things on a global level. Almost everywhere in the world (except in the Middle East and Africa), social inequality is rated as the most pressing issue, right behind the economy.

But, millennials also have more personal concerns. Overall, 63 percent believe they will have a hard time finding a job when they leave school, and 39 percent believe they will have to keep working well beyond retirement age...."

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