"How This Mom to 2 Picky Eaters Ended up an Entrepreneur..."

Article by Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi from Entrepreneur - Jun 02,  2017


" As any executive knows, we all need a chance to get away, and something many of us need as well is the chance to serve. Luckily for me, my business allows me to do both. In fact, the heart and soul of my business, NuttZo, is to pay it forward and support our sister non-profit, Project Left Behind, which takes us to the beautiful and sacred land of Peru each year.

First, let me back-track: Around 15 years ago I adopted two beautiful boys from Ukraine and quickly found that adoption is life-changing. After meeting so many orphaned children, my husband and I quite literally wanted to adopt them all, but that was obviously unrealistic


Meanwhile, our two sons adjusted to their life with us, turning out to be picky eaters, and nutrient-deficient ones at that. As a mom, I sprang into action. A longtime health-conscious and self-proclaimed "foodie," I started experimenting with my food processor. My goal: to come up with a peanut-butter-like blend of nutritiously dense nuts and seeds that would maximize the vitamins, minerals, and proteins my boys needed...."

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