"How to start volunteering: 'Stop whining, I tell myself. Do something"

Article by Abigail Radnor from The Guardian -  Jan 07, 2017

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"I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 2016 was the year I felt the urge to spend more of my time helping others. At the age of 31, I feel more settled in my life, while the world seems anything but. The news has made me tearful on several occasions, but I got to a point, quietly sobbing in the shower one morning, when I realised crying is redundant. Stop whining, I told myself. Do something.

Soon after I moved to Queen’s Park, north London, I read about a local charity, Salusbury World, that supports refugee and migrant children and their families. They were looking for people to help with an after-school reading club. I liked the idea of getting involved in a charity supporting refugees, and even better, one that was within my own community. But the club started at 3pm and I work full time. Too impractical; I’ll think of something else, I thought. Months went by..."


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