"How Marketing and Communication Strategies can help NGOs achieve Fundraising Success"

Article by Dr Saumya Arora from Funds for NGOs - Feb 9, 2016

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"Marketing is a very important function in business practices. It entails making the customer aware of the proposition of a product or service, making them buy the product/ service, and ultimately building a brand. In non-profits too, the marketing principles hold good because there is requirement of funds to carry on existing functions and to build capacities for future. So, the donor is our customer here, and the cause or project is a product!

Research and evidence has shown that market-oriented organizations, which understand the target audience thoroughly, are the most successful ones. How would one attract a customer (a donor here) if there are no efforts made towards building a brand and a customer base? So, let us understand the applicability of marketing principles for NGOs, to understand why they need marketing and why it is necessary to realize the importance of concerted efforts and allocating resources towards it. (...)"


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