"Take the test: Do you have what it takes to make a difference in your community?"

Quiz by Do Something Great from BBC UK

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"How could you make a real difference in your community? What does your personality say about your potential to get involved? Are you naturally inclined to be a neighbourhood nice guy or a local loafer? Take our short test to find out.

We all have it in us to make a real impact. And we already are, more than two thirds of people volunteered in some form during the last year, according to the Cabinet Office Community Life Survey.

And it’s not just the people we help who have the potential to benefit. Volunteering is associated with increased life satisfaction, lower levels of depression and improved health. The NHS even recommends ‘giving to others’ as one of its ‘five steps to mental well-being’. The good news is that modern technology and the range of opportunities available mean it's becoming ever easier to get involved with something suiting your time and lifestyle.

This 10 question quiz asks you to respond to a series of situations to discover how you rate. Find out how your region shapes up, and discover ways you can do more."


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