"Even Busy Executives Can Make Time for a Cause"

Article by Aseem Chandra from Entrepreneur - Nov 5, 2016


"The literature abounds about how volunteering can help build new skills and talents, give us an edge in our careers, make us more efficient with our time, and even improve our health. Many of the benefits and volunteer opportunities are often aimed at young professionals who tend to have more free time than more senior leaders. However, senior leaders often have an opportunity to make a major impact by lending their time.

It wasn’t too long ago when my family was impacted by Hydrocephalus, a little-known brain condition. One million people in the U.S. live with Hydrocephalus and it is also the most common reason for brain surgery in children, yet remains largely unheard of.

I had the desire to give back to raise awareness and support for the Hydrocephalus Association. Making an impact doesn’t always require a large financial commitment, but I struggled with how to find the time amidst my hectic work and personal life. Like many other nonprofits, what the Hydrocephalus Association sorely need leadership and business expertise and time, and I wanted to personally address this gap. 

Here’s how I made it happen, and how you can, too."


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