"The big society needs a graduate volunteer squad"

Article by Robert Ashton from The Guardian - Jul 15, 2011


"I'm sure some hardline right-wingers would love to reintroduce conscription to solve the graduate unemployment challenge. But alas, subjecting today's liberal-minded, globally connected graduates to enforced discipline and physical rigour would achieve little more than a revolt.

Young people today are simply more savvy and would never agree to be part of something they cannot personally support. Today we live in a multicultural society where people fight for human equalities and battle with injustice. Yet paradoxically we are presented with the perfect opportunity to reintroduce a new form of voluntary national service.

Over the next few weeks therewill be tens of thousands of young, enthusiastic, often idealistic, clear-thinking graduates entering the job market. Burdened by student debt and brimming with youthful "can do" attitude, this army of talent is there to be tapped..."


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