"As a high school student, Alisha Attema was inspired as she sat in an auditorium listening to a presentation delivered by the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Hearing of grassroots, community-based partnerships reinforced her passion for international development—but it was a conversation with Stephen Lewis’ daughter following the talk that influenced her career trajectory.

“She said to me, ‘Go and get a hard skill. Go become a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, a farmer,” recalled Attema. Fuelled by this experience, Attema studied nursing and, like many students in health-related fields, volunteered abroad to gain experience in an intercultural environment. 

Armed with a sense of adventure and a desire to build their résumés while making a difference, students in health-related fields are increasingly volunteering overseas. Opportunities to do so seemingly grow every day—however, so do the criticisms of global health volunteerism..."


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