EHN was growing steadily until April 2015 when the earthquakes struck killing thousands of people across the districts around Kathmandu. ENH team turned its attention to helping rebuild the communities they had worked with by providing volunteers & funding which they continue to do to this day.




icone accommodation


Volunteer's accommodation is included. A member of ENH team will escort you to the project home stay and help you settle in.  The home stay will have a separate room for the volunteers (sometimes sharing with one other volunteer).

icone meals


Meals at the home stay will be standard Nepali food, Dhal Bhat (rice, curry usually vegetable and lentils) with a mixture of fruits and noodles) and it will be freshly made by the house mum.

icone schedule


When you are on the project you will usually arrive between 9-10 am and 3-4 pm. But note we work with a number of projects including our own so each project is different in terms of hours worked, time off breaks etc; so when you have chosen your project you will be advised accordingly. Though one thing that you can be sure of is that you will get every Saturday off.

icone fees


In an ideal world, EHN would not have to charge volunteers fees and just offer free board and food for their services. Unfortunately, at this present stage in their work, they charge $12 GBP per day plus a $80 GBP admin fee for all volunteers. You also will be asked to pay a My Proext's administration fee when you are doing your application.





field volunteering

Field volunteers will be provided with stimulating practical experience in the following activities/areas:


We are constantly looking for volunteers to help look after the children, assisting with daily chores, homework and of course having fun with them. Spend your volunteer time here and be surrounded by children from the ages of 9 months to teenagers.


In 2011 ENH joined forces with Building Bridges Worldwide to create a small medical centre in Gerkhu. Then we handed the building over to the Nepali government because they can provide staff and medicines far better than we can. Since that day we have always had a keen interest in medical care in the Himalayas because only when you have walked in such a magnificent range of Mountains can you really see the harsh conditions that some people survive in. We have been to places where people have died from simple conditions as a broken leg or, stomach viruses because there isn't any care available. So our aim is to push harder with volunteers coming to help in medical centres across rural Nepal & develop our own little medical treks into the mountains.


ENH works with several schools across Kathmandu and in smaller towns in Nepal with an aim to help improve the English skills of Nepali students. Having a fluency in English can help a young person to start their adult lives with the possibility of making up to three times more in a job as someone who has none. This placement is for volunteers or experienced teachers that are looking for a way of challenging themselves by teaching in a different environment. Here we encourage the teaching of new ideas to the children and exchanging new methods with the Nepali teachers. In this way, you not only have a great experience but sow seeds of learning that will continue for years.


Come and experience Traditional farming in the foothills of the Himalayas where life has changed little in the past 100 years, so be prepared for hard work. Our advice is to try ploughing the Buffalo, milking the cow by hand and cutting grass with the locals because they will take you to their community even more by doing so. You will find yourself working hand in hand with local farmers and become fully involved in the local community. 


Over the next few years, EHN has teamed up with WCN to help plant trees across Nepal. There is four location that EHN & WCN are looking to reforest, some are in the south in the region called the Terai and the others are in the valleys regions a few hours from Kathmandu. The volunteer will work alongside the Village Community Forest User Group who will be helping to plant the trees and will be the main beneficiaries of the tree planting project.

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micro volunteering

This service generates NO FEE for the My Proext's members. We are always looking for help with activities and services and many of them can be done remotely. If you have a particular skill that you can use to help EHN, please don't hesitate to fill the micro-volunteers application form. We seek micro-volunteers for the following activities:

  • REVIEWER: Review the text of the magazine and look for spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO SPANISH): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Spanish.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO PORTUGUESE): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Portuguese.
  • DESIGNER FOR COREL DRAW: Help with changes to be made in the magazine.
  • OTHERS: Some other online activity you would like to support.


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