The volunteer can become one of the transforming agents in the lives of Hai's children, offering not only help them but also a lot of love and attention! The aim of the social project is to offer humanized education and healthy food for children. All the different actions are taken by local agents and volunteers. The proposal with this project is to provide a complete experience to both volunteer and Hai’s children.




icone accommodation


Hai Africa does not have accommodations to offer to their volunteers, but Hai can help them to find a good place to stay near the Hai Center, where will be developed the volunteering activities. There are two accommodations options that Hai suggests for the volunteers. The first is to stay at the apartments in the border of Kabiria community. If you choose to stay there, it will cost around US$5,00 per day. The other option is to stay at the NGONG HILLS Hotel, with breakfast and dinner included. The standard daily rate is around U$90,00 (Single Occupancy) and US$100,00 (Double Occupancy).

icone meals


Every day Hai serves healthy meals for their children. The volunteer will be very welcome to eat with them. It is only asked for a cost help if you choose to lunch at Hai.

icone schedule


Our daily activities usually start by 8:00 am and end by 4:00 pm (Monday to Friday). The volunteer will receive instructions on the activities to be done through the day. The activities in Hai may vary from playing with children, helping with the preparation of the meals and maintaining the schools’ organization. Our lunch time usually is between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are free. On a day-off, the volunteers can relax at their place, or tour around Nairoby City to have a trip full of adventures.

icone fees


There are no project’s fees to people interested in volunteer for Hai Africa, but volunteers must pay their own living expenses like accommodation, transportation, food, and any special supplies that they will use during their stay. You will be asked to pay a My Proext's administration fee when you are doing your application.






field volunteering

Field volunteers will be provided with stimulating practical experience in the following activities/areas:


The volunteering activities may vary from playing with children, helping with the preparation of the meals and maintaining the schools’ organization. The planning also depends on the projects that are under development during the visit.

In the classes, we have moments of singing, playing inside and outside, dancing, painting, modeling, telling stories... and the kids also help with the cleaning and with the organization of the classroom.

The volunteer can help according to with his/her abilities. Each activity was chosen to contribute to the children’s educational background and the routine should not be disregarded unless the teachers suggest some extra activity. 

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micro volunteering

This service generates NO FEE for the My Proext's members. We are always looking for help with activities and services and many of them can be done remotely. If you have a particular skill that you can use to help HAI AFRICA, please don't hesitate to fill the micro-volunteers application form. We seek micro-volunteers for the following activities:

  • REVIEWER: Review the text of the magazine and look for spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO SPANISH): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Spanish.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO PORTUGUESE): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Portuguese.
  • DESIGNER FOR COREL DRAW: Help with changes to be made in the magazine.
  • OTHERS: Some other online activities you would like to support.


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