If you want to have a unique experience in Brazil that will make you truly understand the reality of the people who are "in the action" leading amazing projects, organizations and stimulating the whole community to improve our country, then you have found the right place. NAAÇÃO is a lifetime experience to open people's mind. It is an opportunity to deep dive into a different way to see life and value small things. We are a club which currently mentors organizations and provide them knowledge about leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. The NAAÇÃO focus is to achieve the financial sustainability of the projects and to make their social impact even bigger.



icone accommodation


NAAÇÃO does not offer accommodation. But, that is not why we stop helping our volunteers. We recommend that interested volunteers find accommodations on their own. We are open to give any support in this process, such as recommending nice areas to stay, hotels, hostels or Airbnb locations and also to attend the volunteers to complete their reservation, if they have any problem with the language.

icone meals


NAAÇÃO will provide lunch and day snacks for the volunteering during the working hours. For dinner, the volunteer is free to choose the best option, but he/she is more than welcome to join the team to explore typical restaurants in Belo Horizonte. The city offers a unique fusion of African, Portuguese and indigenous food, creating what is known today as mineira’s cuisine. 

icone schedule


The project runs from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 am And sometimes when there is an event we open during the weekend and holidays. The volunteers will have their agenda defined once present in the project.

icone fees


There are NO FEE to volunteers who come to work with us, but they must pay for all the living expenses (accommodation, transportation, and food) during their stay at the project. NAAÇÃO will give all the support needed to help the volunteers during the stay. You will be asked to pay a My Proext's administration fee when you are doing your application.




field volunteering

Field volunteers will be provided with stimulating practical experience in the following activities/areas:


Volunteers are expected to do classes or workshops in NAAÇÃO to help us with the organizations that are being accelerated here. It is the opportunity to use their abilities to spread the knowledge between the projects and to develop their personal and professional skills. The classes last one hour and the workshops last three hours. Both should be done at least once a week. The minimum stay is 1 (one) month. Examples of classes and workshops are language classes and personal finance management. It is important to all the volunteers know that we need to have the scope of the class or workshop that the volunteer will do in advance for our approval.


We are a dynamic project. Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop their business skills as well. We believe that to really understand the reality of our project and to contribute to the maximum quality possible the volunteers should work in the management of NAAÇÃO. Different projects regarding management areas can be developed during their stay in the project, such as:

  • Optimize internal process
  • Become scalable
  • Create standardization of process
  • Financial structure

This option requires at least 3 (three) days of work per week and a minimum stay of 1 (one) month. Also, the brief of the scope of the project must be sent to us in advance for approval.

application form NON BR



  application form BR



micro volunteering

This service generates NO FEE for the My Proext's members. We are always looking for help with activities and services and many of them can be done remotely. If you have a particular skill that you can use to help NAAÇÃO, please don't hesitate to fill the micro-volunteers application form. We seek micro-volunteers for the following activities:

  • REVIEWER: Review the text of the magazine and look for spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO SPANISH): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Spanish.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO PORTUGUESE): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Portuguese.
  • DESIGNER FOR COREL DRAW: Help with changes to be made in the magazine.
  • OTHERS: Some other online activities you would like to support.


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