RUFRI greatest assets are its volunteers.  The project provides volunteer programmes for students, professionals, groups, and organizations from all over the world to contribute their skills and expertise towards our vision.  Volunteers are an essential part of RUFRI and can put their skills to use by helping with the wide variety of RUFRI projects.



icone accommodation


Volunteer's accommodation is included in the RUFRI's fee. Volunteers may stay in the RUFRI's house with other volunteers. If you don't want to share accommodation with other people, there are other options open to you as well, but it can change the fee.

icone meals


Meals usually are not included in the volunteer program. In any case, the volunteers are free to have their own meals. The volunteers have a kitchen where volunteers can cook their meals at no additional cost. If the volunteer chooses to have the meals included in the program, RUFRI can do this for them. But it will have an extra cost of  220,00 USD per month. 

icone schedule


The start date and length of your volunteer experience are flexible. While some of our projects have minimum time requirements, RUFRI can work with you to create an experience that fits into your schedule. We will work with you to build an internship that meets your personal requirements. While we are a small organization and cannot accommodate all requests, we would be happy to support you. Saturday and Sundays are days off.

icone fees


All volunteers are required to pay a RUFRI program's fee. It will cost 350,00 USD monthly, which covers accommodation, bus pick up from the airport and a small donation to the organization. Airline tickets, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance and others costs are not included. You will be asked to pay a My Proext's administration fee when you are doing your application.




field volunteering

Field volunteers will be provided with stimulating practical experience in the following activities/areas:


The project is aimed at assisting children including the deprived and most vulnerable, access quality education and attain functional levels of literacy, numeracy, and essential life skills. We believe every child deserves an equal opportunity to chase their dreams, and become responsible members of their society. Education plays an essential role here. When children are able to read they can better advocate for their rights and help provide for their families as well.


Most of the villages we work with are in the remote and undeveloped areas. They are usually without reliable potable water, sanitation, energy or other basic services. Disease and hardship are common for these people. They are primarily subsistence farmers without the financial or technical resources to afford what we call basic infrastructure. Our goal is to address these pressing needs and make this a community effort with opportunities for anyone who is interested to help make their lives worth living.


Many children in the rural and remote communities of most developing nations, Ghana included, find it difficult to afford a quality education. Funds for scholarships provide support for these fewer privileges, to enable them to go further with their education. However, very little support is available for quality education. We at RUFRI are ready to work in partnership with donor organizations and individuals willing to become a part of this profitable course, to assist needy children to continually chase their dreams of a better and brighter future.


We want to support programs that empower adolescent girls. We invite different groups and individuals who are interested to support the cause.

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micro volunteering

This service generates NO FEE for the My Proext's members. We are always looking for help with activities and services and many of them can be done remotely. If you have a particular skill that you can use to help RUFRI, please don't hesitate to fill the micro-volunteers application form. We seek micro-volunteers for the following activities:

  • REVIEWER: Review the text of the magazine and look for spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO SPANISH): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Spanish.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO PORTUGUESE): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Portuguese.
  • DESIGNER FOR COREL DRAW: Help with changes to be made in the magazine.
  • OTHERS: Some other online activities you would like to support.


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