We have been hosting volunteers for the last 10 years. This program is open throughout the year. Our volunteers are invited to work with us in all of these challenges. A volunteer can help supporting (executing routine activities), improving (finding new solutions to old problems) or expanding a project (helping to leave benefits for more people). However, if a volunteer has other specific interest and/or a talent, we can decide together how to apply it in our organization.




icone accommodation


Volunteer's accommodation is included. TORUWU can accommodate 5 volunteers comfortably at the same time. For your best accommodation, our place is only 10 minutes from TORUWU office, 10 minutes from St. Mary’s School and less than 5 minutes to the bus/taxi/boda(motorcycle) stage.

icone meals


There are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea is always available too. The most usual meals are: Meat, beans, rice, matooke (smashed bananas), sweet potatoes, irish potatoes, greens, vegetables, etc.

icone schedule


Our volunteers are free to make their own schedule depending on the project that they will be involved in. Our daily activities usually start by 8:00 am with the breakfast and end by 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday). Our lunch time usually is between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. Each project has its own schedule. Saturdays and Sundays are free.

icone fees


TORUWU is a non-profit institution and all our funds come through as donations.  So to volunteer with us we ask you to pay a symbolic fee: $10 USD: if you stay for one night; $60 USD: if you stay for a week (7 nights); $220 USD: if you stay for a month (4 weeks). TORUWU use these fees for: meals, water, electricity etc. You also will be asked to pay a My Proext's administration fee when you are doing your application.




field volunteering

Field volunteers will be provided with stimulating practical experience in the following activities/areas:


Our women are engaged in income generation activities i.e. leather craft making, bags, bitengi, baskets, soap making, books, tailoring, organizing small credit schemes to access small loans amongst themselves, wine production, and organizing entrepreneurship workshops. We have managed to sell some of the items abroad and the women have earned from it. We have managed to train around 10 groups of women around the country too. I.e. Northern group (former war abductees), western group, and southern part in Bundibugyo. Our engaged volunteers usually help us supporting the classes and expanding our markets.


This project is basically for the needy children. TORUWU provides basic good education to the needy children at a very low cost. We create dynamic, self-reliant and competitive citizens in St. Mary’s Junior School. This school has now existed for 4 years operating from Nursery to Primary 5 and we have an enrollment of 100 children. We have managed to employ a qualified team of teachers to educate these children. Our brilliant volunteers usually help us sharing their knowledge and bringing new resources to children.


TORUWU cares for children with different disabilities. We hire physiotherapists who now and then visit our center to carry out drills and exercises that so much benefit the disabled children.


TORUWU has empowered its youths through music and sports. We have involved our youths in a brass band and a cultural dancing group from which they have managed to generate some income. We had a TORUWU soccer team in our community trained by a licensed Coach too, but unfortunately, we had to stop for a while this project because we don’t have enough resources to keep it happening. At the moment we started soccer and netball teams that compete in the local tournaments. Our talented volunteers usually help teaching music, sports or computer.


This is an organization core project, which helps us to fund the strengthening of the school, focusing on sustaining our small infant school so that many children can afford the education. The wine product is good and marketable. We have been able to acquire UNBS (Uganda National Bureau of Standards) certificate of analysis hence we can operate freely. We have been able to bottle and provide a unique label and seal for our wine. Our determined volunteers usually help us with the production and marketing of the wine product.


The local area where TORUWU is located is generally dry so we were forced to think so much for a solution. TORUWU installed piped water in about 50 families and 2 schools have benefited. We are even concerned about our community health and in partnership with an international organization, we now and then give out grafted tree and agro-forestry seedlings to the community. Our helpful volunteers usually accompanied us to the home visits.

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micro volunteering

This service generates NO FEE for the My Proext's members. We are always looking for help with activities and services and many of them can be done remotely. If you have a particular skill that you can use to help TORUWU, please don't hesitate to fill the micro-volunteers application form. We seek micro-volunteers for the following activities:

  • REVIEWER: Review the text of the magazine and look for spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO SPANISH): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Spanish.
  • TRANSLATOR (ENGLISH TO PORTUGUESE): Translate the contents of the magazine from English to Portuguese.
  • DESIGNER FOR COREL DRAW: Help with changes to be made in the magazine.
  • OTHERS: Some other online activity you would like to support.


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